Crossasaurus Awesome 2012 – (PACX #5)

13 Nov

After yesterdays crash I was hoping to not be too sore for the next day. A bunch of teammates planned on racing so we packed up early-o-clock and got there in time to watch the Mens C race up in Spring Mount, PA. Like usual I was a bit late and missed the start, but was able to take photos/heckle during their race. I remember last year here was my first go at the Men’s 3/4 B race and I remember getting dominated. It was probably one of my favorite races of the year but that was mainly due to the SS race. The Philadelphia Ciclismo guys know how to have a good time, that’s for sure. YouTube Video from last year.

The course wasn’t too drastically different this year but there were a couple of interesting features. The course itself is mostly flat grass with some slow sections due to mud, a short very steep dirt hill that made the first lap of every race very chaotic, an off camber zig-zag that because more and more slick, some long power sections, a hop-able log, a deep sand pit, a bridge crossing, and a heckle station near the barriers.

The Mens B 3/4 race wasn’t to go off until 2:30pm so there was a lot of time to hang out and watch everyone else race. Luckily for me one of my teammates/buddies owns <a Professional Pharmacy in Pottstown, PA and is a team sponsor. He took a look at the elbow from yesterday and with the help of the ladies I got some supplies for the race. Everyone seemed to think it looked pretty bad? but I think they were being a bit over dramatic 🙂 Eventually he got me mended up and wrapped with a super sweet gauze/fishnet stocking calab. on my arm that made it look like I was some sort of real racer.

After shooting the shit with a few people, I learned that all my #rivals that usually beat me were racing the Elite/A race. I debated giving it a go then quickly thought that I was in no shape to race for 60 minutes. The crash and effort put out yesterday at Fair Hill wouldn’t lend itself greatly to a crazy fast, even longer race than Im use to. Ill be a ‘that guy’ in the B race. Game plan was to figure out a good starting position as the sprint led into a muddy/slippery 180 roundabout that could get interesting with 40 people. The next big bottle neck was the very short/steep dirt mound that I saw a bunch of crashes on during the first lap of the masters race as well as the mens elite race.

A bit before the race I downed a couple Ibuprofen which I was hoping would help keep pain down during the bumpiness of the race. Main goal for the day was to NOT go down as I didn’t want to try and clean my elbow again. I was able to get a call up to the front row and was feeling pretty good. I didn’t get a chance to see how many laps the elite racers did or time it for myself. Someone asked the official how many laps he was expecting and he said 4 or 5. Alright good, not too many but not too little. We got the 1 minute, then the 30 second warning. I was watching the official who had been talking to us waiting for him to grab his whistle. Mistake on my part. Someone else blew the start whistle and I wasn’t 100% ready. I got off the line but wasn’t where I wanted to be coming into the first turn. I wanted/needed to get to the front in order to not get bogged down at the short dirt hill. I made a big effort to pass the couple people in front of me doing all I could to be 1st into the hill. After that I took the off camber and now very slick zig-zag portion cautiously. I tried to sprint out of that section and put a gap in. I was able to ride a couple seconds off the front for the next lap or two.

I was feeling alright but knew the group of 3 behind me were catching me. As I came around the start/finish after the second lap and saw 5 to-go I knew this wasn’t good. I even asked them, “we really have 5 more?” and they agreed. Shit. The legs couldn’t hold out for another 5, but I was hoping for the best. At some point Mark who was in the group of 3 behind me got up to my wheel. I probably should have put in an effort to try and shed him but I didn’t have it. he rode my wheel for a lap or so then quickly dropped me. I was able to stay close and catch back on at points but things were looking dim. With about 1.5 laps to-go he was just a bit out of reach and I transition from catching to holding 2nd place. Probably not a good idea but I was spent and was not in the state to take big risks. I came around the corner to the finish and saw him out in front just finishing up. 2nd place felt alright but I knew it would have been quite a different race if the other guys didn’t do the 1/2/3 A race. Still looking for a win but it was good to at least be on the podium.

Big thanks again to Dave for getting me setup with all the fixings to hopefully keep the infections out of this wound and the ladies for driving to get me the goods. I really appreciate it!




Right after the B was was the highly anticipated single speed race. Some say it’s the biggest race of the season. No recap other than it was a good time.

Enjoy the video and lack of photos.









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