Fair Hill Cross 2012 (MAC #7)

13 Nov

This was my first time racing at First State Velo Sport Xross @ Fair Hill, MD (FSVX CX) but it was part of the MAC B 2/3/4 Men’s series so I figured it would be a solid course/event. We packed up the car a bit after 11am and drove down. I talked to a couple people about the course when we got there and realized I maybe should have came out earlier to pre-ride. The course was really fun, mostly fast, some interesting off camber section, fast whoops, steep tabletop ‘flyover’, a giant tree barrier, random railroad tie on an uphill corkscrew, with the course most grass, a bit of dirt in the trees, and a gravel start finish section.

I was lucky to get a call up in the 2nd row and lined up behind John Cotter whos leading the series. I know hes a shredder on the road and I figured I could grab his wheel and have him tow me around. The whistle blows and were off. I get clipped in and accelerate hard but have to back off a bit as theres no where really to go. I settle back in behind John and see him rub shoulders and bounce off the 20/20 rider to his left and guy to his right bit but keep it upright for a second. I got that ‘oh shit’ feeling when you know your about to take it, then thought things were going to be alright. Next thing I know he had hooked his bars and we go down hard in the gravel. My elbow took the brunt of it but I was a bit all over the place after the crash as you can see in the video. I don’t know how everyone was in and out of that crash so quickly but I was the exact opposite. After finding my bike I jumped back on and tried to pedal. I quickly figured out that both my shifters were tweaked and my chain was off and stuck. I got back off quickly and after a couple seconds of not being able to get it unstuck called it quits. I was pissed! Just then I heard my buddy Jeff yelling at me to get back on and race. I thought about it for a half second then got back to un-tangling the chain and hopped on. The field was out of sight but my goal was to catch at least someone.

I rode faster than I had in a while almost blowing up trying to reel everyone back in. About 3/4 of the way through the first lap I was able to make contact to the end of the train. I made some moves, passed some people, and even thought he start wasn’t so great, I had a blast and rode better than I had in a while pushing it the whole time trying to make up spots. I ended up 20th for the day making it past 20 racers or so and was quite content.

After the race I found out about some the carnage from the crash. John cracked his Blue carbon frame, cracked his carbon wheel, cracked his helmet, and took a good amount of rash and maybe a broken finger, but still ended up 4th! Seriously amazing. I think Andrew rolled a tubular but not sure if that happened during the ordeal or not. At this point my elbow was still dripping blood down my arm and I had a fairly big open gash. My neck was hurting really bad as well and I could turn it much at all. After having the lady check me out she found there was a tire mark over the back of my neck. After getting made fun of by a couple people for getting my neck run over, the lady made me get my wounds cleaned better than my water bottle & paper towel attempt. I eventually made it to the medic where he cleaned it a bit and told me stitches were in order. I wasn’t in the mood for a hospital trip right then but he threw in some Neosporin a band aide or two and we headed out from the race.

Next stop was Homegrown Café in Newark, DE for beers and food. My plan was to drink since I gave the keys to the lady due to my lack of head turning ability. I tried to order a PBR tallboy but was denied by my out of date/temporary license. Boo! We ate and cruised back to Philly. The neck hurt like hell and I was borderline scared in the car since the lady hadn’t driven in a month or two. We got home and got to drinking. I needed to ‘recover’ for the Crossasaurus Awesome

Video: (ive been having trouble with uploading this all day and still having some video picture quality issues so i might have to re-upload it)


Mens B race:









Mens C – Cat 4 Results


Mens B – Cats 2/3/4 Results


I shot a couple photos of the course before watching the Elite Men




We even found a new mascot, Oliver!










Homegrown Cafe


Elbow carnage


When in pain, got for the strong stuff.


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