Kutztown Cross 2012 (PACX #6)

20 Nov

I hadn’t raced Kutztown before and was debating making the trip. After talking with Rich and Blake we decided to make the trip early-thirty Saturday morning for Day 1 of Kutztown.

It was a cold morning and the ride over to Rich’s apt woke me up fast. We loaded the bikes as hit the road. Unfortunately we made a couple weird moves due to Apple maps, then missed the exit off the NE extension and had to pull the ‘Oh shit’ reverse for a 1/4 mile backwards down the shoulder. Rich was pro and crushed it but I was a bit scared.

Fast forward a bit and we get to the course and jump out to get a lap or two in before the men’s C race. It was cold as the ground was fully frosted. The course was, well just turns. No elevation, no run ups, just flat grass slow turns and 2 sets of high barriers. I took one lap then proceeded to go back to the car.

We watched a bit of the men’s 4 race where Rich battled Pete from Bikesport most of the race with Rich eventually taking his first win. Congrats bud! Defiantly a good course for a SS.

The course became quite a bit faster and most of the turns became fun to rail minus the couple 180 tight turns. For the men’s B 2/3/4 race I got a front row call up and was able to take the whole shot. I tried to form a gap as I knew it was get closed down sooner than later.

There was someone close to my wheel and 3 others right behind them. I made a big effort through the chicanne through the woods, made the sweeping right then proceeded to not make the u turn since all i saw was the straight away that doubled back I went directly through the tape and got tangled a bit Mike from Bicycle Therapy passes me before I finally get moving right in front of the group of 3 chasers. For the next lap I try to catch back up to Mike. I finally make it up to his wheel at the start I the 3rd lap and shortly after make a move around him since I knew he was a better corner than myself.

We keep the pace high and start to put a decent gap on the chase group. He’s able to stay on my wheel for the next two laps at the bell lap he takes off past me at the finish line. Shit! I’m not so good at plying the cat and mouse game at the front of the race. I burned a lot of matches catching back up to him after my first lap mishap and couldn’t jump with him.

At this point I’m doing everything I can to get to his wheel, railing comers much faster than I had all day. I hear the encouragement from the side lines and try to push deeper. He’s just in front of me a few seconds and I come into a corner a bit deep and have to brake hard and loose some time. I come out of the barriers clean and stand up to get moving. I start my sprint as soon as I can from the left sweeper but can’t get up to speed fast enough in the bumpy grass. I couldn’t make it up to him for the sprint but at least made him work for it. Another race and another 2nd place.

I left the course out of breath and about to die, ie it was a good race. I had a lot more fun on the course than I expected but mate because Mike kept the pressure on the entire time. There was a good payout for a Men’s B race and I won $50.

After the race we watched a bit of the SS race then proceeded to lurk around the outdoor farmers market. I unfortunately am not very good at thing like this and proceeded to buy a bunch of random ‘crap’.

We hang around, ate a bit, and watched the 3/4 women and then the elite women. We packed up the car and make the trip to Bethlehem for Vegan Treats.





C race






Rich with the W


Mens C cat 4


Start of the Mens B race, mean muggin the photog



1,2,3,4, and 5th being the dog


Mens B 2/3/4 Results



SS race



The farmers market had alot of wild stuff…



I really wanted this but the $12 was a bit steep


Womens 3/4 race



Lara crushing it Saturday afternoon!


Ryan told me my cheering/heckling sounded mean spirited :/


Jeff with the win in the 45+ and podium for the SS race with the bologna medal


Little Belguims!


Elite womens race looked to be a fast one








Blake made good use of his saddle






We kept it easy Saturday night as the next morning was going to be early for once the lady was running the Philly Marathon.

I rode around and heckled as much as I could without pissing too many people off. Not sure if other runner enjoyed me yelling to ‘grab a wheel,’ ‘your only down an hour or so on the leader, you got this’ or ‘crush their souls,’ but what can you do.

It was good to get a recovery ride in for the legs and watch the lady crush her best marathon time by over 20min. Shredder!


PHL CX get at me Bob!




iPad go!



‘das boot’ was one of my sweet flea market picks from Kutztown.  Lauren piccked up a bottle of BFM to enjoy post race.


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