14 Jan

It was a semi-productive weekend. We drove up to Bear Creek Mountain Saturday morning to attend the PCA awards banquet. I hadn’t been to Bear Creek since it was probably Doe Mountain when I was a kid and the hotel/resort they built seemed really classy. The award banquet was for for road, track, and cyclocross going 5 deep plus 3 out of state medals for some categories. There was some serious effort put into setting it up and giving out the 100+ awards.

My teammate Maria was getting an award for road racing and another for getting 2nd in the PACX elite womens field over all. A bunch of teammates came to watch/take photos which made the event a lot more entertaining by heckling some of the recipients. Ive been in such a cross mode lately I forgot that road/track people are a bit different… a little more dialed, well dressed, and refined. Im glad we didn’t bring cowbells to use instead of clapping every 10 seconds 🙂 I was able to take 1st overall in the mens B PACX cyclocorss series and the jersey that went along with it. The lady told me to soak it in, since ill be in the back of the pack in the elite race from now on.







With the amazing weather they were forcasting for the weekend it was hard to stay inside most of Saturday but 65F and sunny for Sunday sounded even better.  Riding home from a part later sturday night I was a bit worried about the amount of fog but figured it would burn before I was ready to get up and exercise.



Ellis and I took our time and got out around 10:45am.  We did a quick 2 hour jaunt around Gladwyne and the surrounding area.




Coming off River Rd we ran into Mike and Gerald and cruised with them a bit.


A few people came over to stream Cyclocross Nationals and drink beer/eat junk food.    I guess this is what people who watch real/more common sports do??!



One Response to “Weekend.”

  1. max January 18, 2013 at 8:04 pm #


    totally off topic but you doing CtC this year?

    shoot me an email! i lost yours or i wouldn’t be callin you out here publicly in the blogosphere 😉

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