30 Jan

On the way home from work last night I was on a mission to get a Photo Tag (ie the game ‘tag’ but via bicycles). The general idea is someone on a local bike forum takes a photo of a landmark somewhere in the city of Philadelphia with their bike in the photo. You then try to figure out where that spot is, ride to it, and take the same photo. You then ride to another spot, take a photo, and the game continue. Now some cheating happens now and then, especially with advent of Google street views… but that’s beyond the point.

So took 70th street in West Philly north to Cobbs Creek Parkway to get the Photo Tag that had been lingering for a few days. I had never been on that MUP before but it was pretty nicely paved with very few intersections since the west side of the trail backs up to a park/creek. The sections where it was close to the road (ie over bridges and such) there would be a sufficient amount of glass & debris from car wrecks and such. At Hoffman St (south of Baltimore) you can go right towards the city onto a bike lane or stay left on the path. I stayed left to continue north and was surprised when the trail busted a long sweeping fast left decent into the pitch dark woods. I got confused with a turn off and ended up on 60th and Baltimore and cruised up 55th to Walnut to grab the tag. West Philly is such a radically different place than east of the Schuylkill River.





I made the new tag pretty easy as plenty of people ride past it in hopes to get the game moving again. Sometimes the far out tags bring the game to a standstill for a whiles.


This morning during the commute I realized that we were getting some sun rays in the morning now.


Rarely see ice + fog


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