This and that

15 Feb

Havent done much as of late. Last weekend we hit the slopes after a solid ½” of snow. Afterwards we met up with some teammates for food/beer at Appalachian Brewing Co. Im always amazed how brew houses have stepped their game up, especially around here. I remember being jealous of the small brewpubs in Colorado and the innovative beers they manages to cook up. Now I feel like the majority of local small breweries in philly make some really great brews that you actually want more of.


Oh yah and more flats and a couple more flats.


Philly always impresses me. On the commute home I stumbled upon this random boat that was shipwrecked in a vacant lot. There were piles of trash, random objects, and broken TVs inside.


Last night instead of going out I made some food, pounded a 750mL, rode up to get some ice cream, then devoured this wild BFM and watched TV. It was a good night.



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