Presidents Day… Scratch That, Surgery.

19 Feb

I had written a Presidents Day – White Clay MTB post on Tuesday that I was going to post but ended leaving work early to head to the doctors after a slipped wheel/pedal to the top tube… that was still giving me pain a day later. I hadnt thought much of it as it happened about 20 minutes into the ride and we MTB’ed around for another 2+ hours. After scheduling an ultrasound with the doctor for the next day I headed home. Later that night I ended up catching a cab to the E.R. as the pain was too much. After a few tests and ultrasound I ended up getting surgery around 4am. Surgery went as well and now Im back home watching shitty TV shows, lurking the internet, and trying to heal. Im really glad we made that Total Wine stop too!

I have learned that MTBing is no joke. in less than 20 rides if managed to crack a frame, put my front tooth through my lip, and received some unexpected surgery. Just hope ill be back in the saddle to try out a MTB race this year!






TOTAL WINE TRIP:  Lionshead in a microbrew pack eh?


Im around all week if anyone wants to dip into my newly acquired total wine purchases 🙂


The E.R. waiting room is a wild place.






The lady came early the next morning after surgery and claimed I asked to take a photo of me looking dead.  Not sure if I believe it though.


One Response to “Presidents Day… Scratch That, Surgery.”

  1. Lauren February 21, 2013 at 5:46 pm #

    1. you can’t drink because of the pain killers. so that means i can drink all that beer you bought.
    2. OMG you kept asking “take a picture of this” “did you get a picture of this” “look, i’m dead”.

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