Raw Talent Ranch WV – 2013

9 Apr

March – April are usually the times when people start riding outside again after the winter months. This year we decided to have our training camp up in the same place we did last year, Raw Talent Ranch in Lost River, West Virginia. It was another  great year of amazing scenery, mild weather, wild descents, and slews of dirt/gravel logging roads to explore.  This year was going to be a bit different for me though.  I was on the fence about even going since I hadnt ridden since surgery other than for a quick spin with the lady.  I knew what these mountains had in store for me but didnt want to miss a good opportunity to hang out with the team and ride bikes. I shot some GoPro video Ill try to get compiled over the weekend. Photodump time…


Day 1 – Thursday

30.7 miles – 2894ft of climbing – Strava Jawn

I rode out to the burbs Wednesday after work in order to leave Thursday AM. We packed up Jamie’s Sprinter van and headed over to Dave’s to grab more bikes, food, and people.



Most people were scared to get in the van so it ended up being Jamie, Pete, and myself who took the non-stop cruise.



Start of the front side climb past the state park.


Got to the cabin around lunch, just in time to hang out with Gary (the super cute dog)!



We started to unload bikes and such and waited for everyone else to arrive to get a short ride in.


The front side decent was a bit scary… tons of gravel all over the switch backs.  My only goal after surgery was to no eat shit for the weekend and of course on the first decent of tyhe trip I pulled a cyclocross ‘one foot off’ after almost going in the gutter.  Being off the bike for a while will make you lose a little something something/i have no descending skills.  After saving it i cruised a bit more cautiously the rest of the way down.





A little house built around a Winnebago at the bottom of the dirt climb back up to the cabin.


The dirt accent hurts.  I usually cant take photos until it ‘flattens’ out a bit.





Day 2 – Friday – Apple Orchard Ride

72.2 miles – 6,852ft of climbing – Strava Jawn

We took the back side decent down, which is fast with plent of blind turns and switch backs.


We made it to the bottom to find Rob had de-lamed his rear wheel.



After letting a bit o pressure out of his wheel we went back to it.


Ben looking good as usual.




First climb of the day, Turkey Mountain Rd.



Top of the climb.


2nd climb of the day hurt a bit more due to the wind, Apple Orchid.




Ben taking it all in.


3rd and last climb of the day… the backside.  For me the backside is probably the hardest climb.  Both times Ive done it was been after this same 70some odd mile ride and always puts me in a dark place.  Luckily Maria was around to help boost my morale.



Day 3 – Saturday – Crooked plus a little extra dirt/gravel on the ridge

56.8 miles – 7,341ft of climbing – Strava Jawn

This was a route that we had wanted to do last time but never got the chance to.  I think Crooked is part of the road race that Raw Ranch sponsors out here.



1st climb of the day, Country Route 59/2.  There was still snow up in shady spots throughout the mountains


Holy hell this decent was fun.  Super flowy, not too too rocky and you could see around alot of the corners for cars.  Mucho Mucho!


Hanging out a bit at the bottom of the decent.


Crooked climb hurt a bit. It was dirt/gravel with a slew of switchbacks (ie the name ‘Crooked’).  Jamie crushed the hill and took soem photos of Pete and I and we crested the top.  Th decent down was steep and about as close to mtb double track that we had found.  A few sections were still muddy from snow with pitches of 30% or greater.  It was a blast.


Too lazy to pull the sleeves off…


Bottom of the front side/easiest way back up to the cabin.


At the top of the mountain a few of us took a dirt road on the left that ran the ridge for some amazing views.  Just let it be known, it is far from flat 🙂


Got back to the cabin ready for some food and water.


Day 4 – Sunday

I woke up early and sat outside to take in the scenery a bit.  After a bit we plugged the computer into the TV and watched Paris-Roubaix and packed.  It was an amazing trip, the cabins always a good time, the ridding is both amazing/brutal, and its always fun to spend all day in the saddle not thinking about anything important at all.


See yah next year WV


5 Responses to “Raw Talent Ranch WV – 2013”

  1. kimbro April 9, 2013 at 5:48 pm #

    Man, that looks fun. Minus all the climbing, of course. And HOLY SHIT that Indy Fab!

    • Eric April 9, 2013 at 6:55 pm #

      They have climbing somewhere in Dallas right!? The IF has the new DA9000 11sp on it too…

      • kimbro April 9, 2013 at 7:25 pm #

        Yeah, maybe if you find a parking garage to ride up! That bike is sexy as hell. Stainless or Ti? I thought that 4-arm spider on the 9000 was goofy looking at first, but it’s really grown on me.

    • Eric April 9, 2013 at 7:56 pm #

      Haha, I think its a Ti Crown Jewel. I should have tried out the 11spd but I didnt even realize it until the last day.


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    […] Sunnybrook held its spring training camp in West Virginia again, and this year Michelle came down as well to help soigner for the team. It’s a French word for cooking breakfast, delivering supplies and food during rides, and picking me up with the car when the hour long climb back up to the cabin isn’t going so well. Eric wrote up a nice recap here: https://ridethejawn.wordpress.com/2013/04/09/raw-talent-ranch-wv-2013/ […]

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