Lower Providence Crit 2013

22 Apr

Daniel Harwi Memorial 26th Annual Lower Providence Spring Classic Criterium

This was my first crit back after over a year. Watch the short & sweet video first, read from there.

Strava Jawn

This was my first cat4 crit ever (I know I dodnt race on the road often) and first race in general after surgery from a couple months back. I wanted to test my fitness after being off the bike for a month and to see how far off my game I was. Goal was to stay upright and stay with the pack. Of course neither happened.

The course is a flat 4 wide corner crit that seems pretty easy. I hadn’t been in a pack in a bit so I left myself some room until a few laps in when I got back in the swing of things. My first impression was that there were some sketchy dudes in the mix. For some reason people at the front would take a pull and whip to the other lane when they were done like they saw their favorite pro do in a sprint… unfortunately the pack would follow and we ended up in the right hand lane taking corners on the inside for no reason.

Fast forward a bit and I was towards the front and saw my buddy go for a flyer off the front. I know hes got better legs than most and is a TT machine so I jumped and tacked on. Unfortunately after taking a pull I knew I didn’t have it and we got consumed a lap later. I had to get the heart rate back down and sat in for a few. On lap 4 after corner 3 I went hard and got towards the front. As we got to the start/finish for 3 to go things slowed a bit and then ramped back up. After corner 1 things mellowed and a surge came up the left side. In the video you can see the guy about 3 riders up from me in the Blue Mountain Velo kit sees a couple people shooting up the left, makes a sudden move to grab a wheel and hits the front wheel of the gun in green argyle, which sends him violently into the pack.

I had one of those, ‘oh shit’ moments and locked them up/ The best idea is to keep your line and hope for the best as you don’t want to swing wide and cause another crash. If you watch closely to the right, the bike bounces up and must hit the guys wheel to my right making him turn-bar into the pavement causing him to break his collar bone. Hope you heal up soon bud.

Would have loved to contest the sprint, seen what the legs had but another day.

Stolen Gram shots



Edit: Added some new pictures.
Thanks Doug!!!
More photos here!

smooth B in the turn

Cat 4 Providence




Ben out of the wind

Me failing at making a move stick.



Ben in the sprint



Masters Race


5 Responses to “Lower Providence Crit 2013”

  1. Cameron Reider April 23, 2013 at 11:21 pm #

    you know any of the photographers that were there all day and if they have the pics anywhere on the web? Looking for some from the cat 3 race.
    Cam Reider
    TorcUp/Cycle Fitters

  2. Bryan April 24, 2013 at 2:27 am #

    The crash sucks. Your video is a remarkable capture. I usually have my GoPro on my bike, but I had left my memory card in the hotel room that morning. It’s my teammate that initially gets his wheel taken out by the guy in blue (we were the team in the green argyle). I won the Men’s Cat 4 race. You have some fantastic pictures of the bunch sprint at the final. Do you mind if I download some of them?

    • Eric April 24, 2013 at 12:19 pm #

      No go for them. The good shots are all Doug’s.

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