Steel is Real

2 May

Ive been cruising the All City SS to worlk this week as its been on/off raining Mon-Wed. Adfter being on the roadie a bit, im thinking of swapping a longer stem on the commuter and it definitely needs new less compact bars. On the way home yesterday I took the scenic route and found a new single track route that will be fun on some fatter tires.




After stopping off at the grocery, I got home, ate some food, and headed north to Cast and Salvage to weld up my old commuter rig.  A long time back I had sheared the seat tube to bottom bracket connection after years of riding I guess.  I had got the frame/bike for free through my buddy way back when and it was my first ever ‘big-boy’ bike back in college.  He also eventually got me into real road cycling later down the line.  Anyways the frame had been sitting in my basement for a while and I wanted to build it up with some random parts and give it to a friend.








Kenzo is a wild place.  I watched the neighbors try to get their cat down out of a 2nd story window using a piece of gutter… later they tried tapping a broom handle to said piece of gutter.



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