By the Whey Protein Criterium – 2013

13 May


Saturday a few of us rolled around Fairmont Park to spin the legs. A few of us were on the fence about racing Smoketown but the chance of rain and long distance kept us staying out late and riding local. It was a good choice.


Never seen one of these push boards before…




I left the city Sunday morning with Max and the lady to race the By The Whey Protein Crit (cat4) on the Rodale course. I really wanted to make a break happen and tried a few times but couldn’t stay away. A tad too much wind with so few of us I suppose, but we had a solid group of 4 for a couple laps. The race wasn’t too sketchy but I did a fair bit of sitting outside of the pack as the crash at Lower Providence still had me a tad shook. On the last lap things slowed as usual then ramped up on the uphill round-a-bout with people searching for position. On the downhill chicane, Myles from Ciclismo went hard and had a sizable gap on the field. I know hes got legs and I knew he had a solid chance of staying away so I tried to ‘encourage’ the guy in front of me to chase right after I yelled at him for cutting me off, unfortunately he blew up. Now I was at the front of the pack waaaay too early. The train passed me hard on the right hand side (see in the video from Bryan). I jumped on the back of the train and rubbed elbows with someone (sorry about that!) and tried to finish with the leaders without actually standing up and sprinting. I felt like I was riding a bit sketchy out there for some reason. I don’t know if it was my lack on wanting to sit in or what, but I need to work on that as well as being a bit more patient, especially towards the end.









Gas/toll money


‘Cyclst’ plate spotted on the way home


Food + Belgium Beer



One Response to “By the Whey Protein Criterium – 2013”

  1. Karl May 21, 2013 at 2:08 pm #

    Ya, I was riding the CAT4 race too. Went for too many PREME’s myself then got boxed in before “the hill” I’m all legs and no brain! I’m the old guy (53) in white-n-blue with the orange socks.

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