Parx Casino Cycling Classic 2013

4 Jun

This weekend was busy. Friday started off Philly Beer Week so met up with a few people at various locations to get in the mix.


Same cask beer/scotch pairings….


Saturday morning was the Amateur Philly TT. I went down to show some support to my teammates and heckle a bit. I learned that 75% of people have TT bikes and a disk rear/



After the race the lady and I tooled around to get some miles in.  We saw a slew of pro teams that came in for the big philly race the next day. 




Sunday morning I woke up later than I wanted after some sort of dance party the night before but still made it for the majority of the women’s race.  The race changed a bit with a slight change in the course and a new head sponsor but like usual its one of the best days in philly and it didn’t disappoint. 


Myles was all over the hand-up scene.



 Bike + shoe change.  Team mates should really ride the same pedals…



We watched the final km on various phones each lagging enough that all the phones showed a different part of the race.  Unfortunately the videographers motorbike was looking to crush the strava segment and went way too fast so you couldn’t even see the peloton climbing to the finish… A bit of a let down but o well. 



After the race we cruised north for some food and more beer for beer week.



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