Guy’s Neshaminy Classic MTB – 2013

24 Jun

After some dim-sum Friday night I hitched a ride out to the suburbs to, ‘live the life’ for the a day. There was a slew of bike work to get done and shots of vodka?>! mixed in. Saturday morning we got to try out Ryan’s new Kuat hitch rack (which was really sweet) on the way to pre-ride the Neshaminy mountain bike course. We ran into Jeff out there and had to piece the course back together a few time after some randos decided to mess with the course. Next up was beer sampling at Neshaminy Brewing then straight to a big BBQ back in the city on Lemon Hill. After a couple brews and food, I rode home and patched a slice in my rear tire, hoping it would still have air in the morning.











Sunday morning was Guy’s Neshaminy Classic MTB race.  I felt pretty good about the terrain in the race, even the Mexican Bowtie or whatever its called.  Game plan was to have a bit of fun but mainly NOT to crash and get hurt.  My cat2 field had 14 racers with a lot of the fast guys catting up earlier in the season.

I got to the front line with hope of being in the first couple into the single track as there was no where to pass on the long 2 mile prologue.  The announcer counts down and were off… well um, some of us were.  Within 10 feet of the line someone goes into Mat on my left and then into me.  Mat crashes hard with the guy takes out ¼ of his spokes and forces me to take both feet off tweaking my ankle.  I do a quick once over on the bike and everything seems good but now I’m way behind the pack.  Me and gravel starts are not friends I guess… Anyways I jump hard trying to get back in the mix.  I’m able to pass 2 guys right before the single track starts but in a group of 4 or so cruising through the woods.  When we pop back out from the prologue on the long cyclocross grass section I put in a big effort and pass 4 or 5 people.  I looked down to see a heart rate well over 200bmp and hoped I could recover in the single track.  Unfortunately I couldn’t and bew up a bit, forcing me to slow it down and try to get the HR out of the 190s.  From here things are a blur but I remember being really hot and mentally drained.  The legs came back to me on the 2nd full lap and I was able to charge a few climbs still.  I faired better the 2nd time on the rocky section only having to put a foot down once… my technical skills have a long way to go.  Right before the prologue I made one final pass on someone who I was pretty sure in my age bracket before meeting the back of a couple of the other categories.  I cruised into the finish without needed to sprint it out.




We stuck around for the cat1 race and handed out bottles as their race would most likely be over 2 hours.  A lot of people pulled out from the race and everyone minus a few looked to be suffering from the heat in and out of the woods.









Glad to be apart of the Bikesport team! Now I just need to up my drinking ability to really fit in… Luckily SlyFox provided us some cold beverages for a wicked hot day.




Jen won her Cat2 womens field.


I somehow got 3rd and my first MTB podium.




Long but productive day in the saddle for Mark. he seriously crushed souls.

After the race a lot of people were saying how tough the race was. Being my 2nd I didn’t have much to compare it to so it made me feel better knowing I wasn’t the only one in the pain cave. We checked the results and got ready for some podium pics.


Steve crushed it and got 2nd in his cat1 field.


Mark killed his cat1 race and got 1st.


It was really fun seeing everyone do well and put in some work.  We packed up the tent and headed to On The Border for more chips and salsa than anyone should eat.  Another great weekend with a bunch of great people.




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