Beach Trip UNO

2 Jul

I started the weekend off right with a pizza party with the Hashtag-Kelpius crew. I made some red sauce and pesto for the occasion and was deathly stuffed buy the end. 2nd in charge and kit designer made us shoot some straight vodka… after a few more drinks I rode home in the rain hoping the next day would be nicer.

20130702-115311.jpg 20130702-115319.jpg 20130702-115337.jpg 20130702-115348.jpg

I woke up Saturday morning with plans to ride from Philly -> Atlantic City ie the beach.  People were running late so I streamed the first day of le Tour and ate some food.  I mapped out my route using mostly scenic roads for a 75mile ride.  I liked most of it but next time I might try to find a different way other than 12th street into Buena as a few small sections didn’t have great shoulders and semi-fast moving traffic. The nice part about the route is you can bail and take Black Horse Pike/322 into AC if you’re hurting or want to speed things up a bit and cut off ~10 miles.

Philly to Atlantic City Route

.  I met up with everyone at the base of the Ben Franklin Bridge ready to hit the streets of Camden.  The ride was a good time with a few people feeling the miles harder than some others.  Only a couple flats and nothing too wild, so all in all a good day.

20130702-115355.jpg 20130702-115408.jpg 20130702-115418.jpg 20130702-115438.jpg


Threw on my le Tour socks on for the 100th!  20130702-115513.jpg








20130702-115559.jpg 20130702-115603.jpg


One Response to “Beach Trip UNO”

  1. DailyDucky July 7, 2013 at 11:18 am #

    Lets do it again soon!! So much fun

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