Down the shore

5 Aug

This weekend the lady, Blake and myself rode down to Ventnor City, NJ (right south of Atlantic City) for some fun and sun at the beach. We left late afternoon Friday and started the 70+ mile ride ‘down the shore.’ Traffic was definitely a lot heavier on the back roads on a Friday around 5pm unfortunately but nothing too too bad. About half way in we stopped at one of the many NJ farm stands and destroyed a thing of blueberries and basket of peaches. The farmstand stops make the beach ride so so good. We got to the beach a bit after dark and went straight to dinner for some tomato pies. After slews of food and a couple brews we hit the sack.

Beach route Strava

Philly to Ventnor City, NJ

Ventnor City, NJ to Philly








The next day it was a bit dreary out but we had lots to get done.  We relaxed a bit and eventually rode to grab some food.  Next on the agenda was hitting the beach up even though it was pretty overcast.  Eventually we rode down to Ocean City, NJ to grab some food and take a walk on the board walk.  The original place we were going was closed but we made it to the The Bashful Banana Cafe for some food and a banana whip.  After 1 dessert we headed back over the bridge to Ventnor City and grabbed a secondary dessert before going to the bar for a quick brew.












The next morning we grabbed a bagel and hit the road.  It was a bit slow going as I got sick Saturday somehow and felt super achy plus the added 10-15mph constant headwind.  We made a stop at a farm stand for more fruit and one at Wawa to refill water bottles and eventually made it back to the city.  It was the first time the lady had ever ridden to the beach (or even more than 60 miles) let alone ridding there and back.  She crushed it putting in 160mi over the weekend.










Even though we were a bit exhausted we made some quick food then walked around the 2nd St festival to meet up with friends and get some food.  Another solid weekend!  Just need to get over this cold now.




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