Cross Camp 2013

16 Sep

2 years ago I went down to cross camp to gear up for my first ever cyclocross race (Last year pictures / separate video). The guys down there taught me all I needed to know about cornering, barriers, and heckling to get me though my first Nittany Cross experience. Now 2 years later and Im still looking forward to riding cross bikes, hanging out, and the occasional heckling.

This year things were a bit hectic but they still made it happen. A slew of us cruised down from philly Friday after work and got down there just in time to set up camp and drink a few brewskies.


The next morning we got to business with some barrier warm-ups and some cornering practice.  The course this year was changed slightly but was a solid 1.1mi grass/dirt/pine needle loop.  After a solid day of riding we got to eating/drinking/trying to get hurt.  Luckily they had a slew of ‘garage’ bikes that were essentially bike shop bikes that were too crappy to actually fix.  We proceeded to have way too much fun ramping the jawn/wheelieing into each other (not cool Ryan), and general tomfoolery.  I think I bent 2-3 wheels trying to 180 these steel beasts… Eventually we have a WAY too long LeMans start race with a half a lap on the course.  I was crushing souls and go to the bike pile first, got my ‘A’ bike and went for broke.  Unfortunately all the 180s did their damage and while blasting down the hill I heard a long BANG and my tire had blew a sidewall from rubbing on the frame.  It went down hill from there and I lost the lead and the championship jersey!

20130916-113834.jpg 20130916-113841.jpg 20130916-113848.jpg 20130916-113855.jpg 20130916-113902.jpg 20130916-113907.jpg 20130916-113916.jpg 20130916-113921.jpg 20130916-113926.jpg 20130916-113935.jpg 20130916-113946.jpg 20130916-113959.jpg 20130916-114004.jpg 20130916-114009.jpg 20130916-114015.jpg

We made dinner on the fire and hung out drinking into the night.  At some point a pile of glow sticks were brought out and were hung up around a small section of the course for night time riding.  The rules were simple, no lights allowed and don’t die.  There was way too much fun happening riding around in the pitch dark going way too fast with a couple beer hand-ups mixed in.  I havnt looked at my GoPro but I hoped it turned out to some degree even though I doubt it did.

20130916-114019.jpg 20130916-114029.jpg 20130916-114033.jpg 20130916-114037.jpg 20130916-114044.jpg

Luckily Ben already threw together a little GoPro action.  I havnt watched it yet but I assume its amazing.



I also got to try out my new camping hammock that I got as a birthday presents from the parents.  It was amazing!  I think Im hooked on sleeping in a hammock!  Now I just need to figure out a way to string it up in our apartment…

20130916-114049.jpg 20130916-114054.jpg 20130916-114059.jpg


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