West Chester Cross 2013

22 Oct

This is the second year of West Chester Cross and I remember I enjoyed the course from last year. There is a fun amount of elevation changes/rollers throughout the course that many of our local races dont have. We left the city around 7:30 and made it there a bit before 8:30 so the lady could get some laps in before her 10am race. I helped pin some Cmen up and got ready to heckle a bit.


Mens C 4/5 Photos

IMG_3605 IMG_3608

Womens A 1/2/3 and B 3/4

WIMG_3613  IMG_3657 IMG_3654 IMG_3651 IMG_3648 IMG_3645 IMG_3639 IMG_3628

Masters 45+


Mens B 3/4 Photos

IMG_3681 IMG_3683

Mens A 1/2/3

I did a lot of things wrong for this race. Even though I was at the venue all day I only got in 2 laps on the course. Not a biggie but also no real reason to get some slow laps in. Then with about 5minutes until we were about to grid up I was still messing around with my bike and hadn’t warmed up at all. Bleh. I got a quick road lap in then got to the start area.

I was #10 from racing Townhall and with 2 no shows at the line got some front row call-up action. Oooohie! From the whistle it was fast with Jack taking the front and me sitting in 2nd on his wheel. He looked back at me a couple times for either me to pull through or see if anyone was making a move but I was more than content sitting in as my legs were already giving me a sign of ‘You didn’t warm-up dum-dum.’ We got to the 2 small stairs which I was thinking Id run the first lap but sitting in 2nd was going to do what Jack did. Unfortunately I didn’t know he was gonna ride the 1st and run the 2nd and I bobbled hard trying to unclip.

The rest of the first lap was pretty much every person in the race passing me like I wasn’t even trying. Eventually I’m in no-mans-land and mentally I feel like crap. I lose most of my drive and when Hal passes me I let him go without trying to tack on. Bleh. Nothing happens for a few laps other than me falling back and Myles catching up to me… with 2 to go he gets me by the single barrier and I let him go. With about 1 to go I get a bit pissed at myself for not going harder and I real Myles back in. I almost get to his wheel before the sprint but cant quite make it happen and roll across the line 17th/21.

I still need to somehow get to the point where I can push myself when no-ones around. Its all mental… I just need to bridge that gap.

Strava Jawn: http://www.strava.com/activities/90435786

IMG_3791  IMG_3792




SS RaceIMG_3707 IMG_3767 IMG_3754 IMG_3752 IMG_3751 IMG_3746 IMG_3728 IMG_3723 IMG_3709


Dog Podium


Then off to Su Tao buffet which was quite good on the way home!



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