2013 Wrap-Up

24 Jan

Havnt posted in a whiles, sorry about that… I never even posted a end of year summary. Ill turn this into an all inclusive post I guess.

2013 wrap-up:

Total Miles: 6,468miles
Commuting Miles: 4,101miles
Commuting Days: 131 days
Gas Money Saved: $728.95

Before the year end and after Limestone CX there was more bike carnage. The lady was cruising home from work and got doored in the bike lane on Spring Garden. I think she was able to get enough out of the way that the door only clipped the end of her bar but she broke and dislocated her ankle pretty severely. Of course like a dum-dum I had ridden in and it was cold/miserable and sleeting out. I think it was one of the worst rides home Ive had thus far as I was trying to get to the hospital ASAP but my legs/lungs and studded MTB tires had other plans.

I watched them pop her ankle back into place multiple times as it popped back as they were trying to wrap it before surgery. I even took a video but Ill save you from that as you may throw up in your mouth a bit. Anyways shes hanging tough and doing a lot better 5 weeks later.

Gross pictures in






Blog pictures

Blog pictures

3 screws and a plate

Blog pictures


I did a little bit of riding

Blog pictures

Enjoyed the holidays with the family/friends

Blog pictures

Did a little snow riding

Blog pictures

Blog pictures

Watched CX Nats which wasn’t all that exciting but glad JPow crushed it.

Blog pictures

Had a couple team building/drinking seminars

Blog pictures

Oh and crushed the 14” of fresh pow-pow the other night.



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