MACquet 2014

28 Jan

We got even more snow this weekend on top of the ice/snow that was already littering the sidewalks of Philadelphia. I have never cared much about the lack of shoveling that people do in the city before until the lady was on crutches during this winter. The weather has made us semi-hermit-people, so the idea of getting out for the end of year MAC ceremonies sounded like a great idea. We rolled out of philly a bit early to go grab a beer/bite to eat at Homegrown Café .

Afterwards we strolled down to the tavern for the MACquet which was only a few blocks away. Id never been to the banquet before but I wanted to support the cause PLUS there was a chance both of us were going to get something. Lauren ended up tie-ing for 3rd overall in the Womens 3/4 series for points but was listed 4th in the standings. I was lucky enough to win a 3rd overall in the Mens 2/3/4. I’m happy with the accomplishment even if it’s a participation award. It looks as though we both should have raced HPCX and update our rank… hah next time!

After actually winning a 2/3/4 race and getting 3rd overall in the MAC series, my time in the B race is complete. We had some great times, we had some good laughs, and I made some legit frenemies. Now its time to make some new friends at the back of the A-race! I don’t mind not being at the front of the race at all, but I am worried about getting absolutely blown away by the caliber of riders in the A-race. Those dudes are no joke. My goal is to actually put some real training in this pre-season (via road races… ugghhh!) to be able to somewhat hang and not get lapped too-too early in the big races. I have a feeling 2014 is going to have a HUGE learning curve just like when I competed in my first cross race at MAC’s Nittany Cross 3 years ago.



I was able to pick up a MAC calendar as well. Even got a sweet full spread picture leading a race for a bit. Ill ignore the part where I’m out of focus.

Cheap beer!? Its been a while since Ive been to a true college bar.


Greg got paid for his 3rd in the Mens Elite overall.





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