Winter 2014 Edition

28 Feb

Ahh another long lull between posts… unfortunately there isn’t all that much new these days as its been cold, snowy, & icy about every day it seems.  We got a quick tease last weekend with temps in the high 50s but its back to cold…. this morning’s commute to work it was 16*F without windchill.  Ive found the cold-commute isn’t too bad if you do it everyday, but if you take a day off and drive in… oooohhhie!  you are going to have a tough time wanting to take 15minutes just to get dressed then face the brutal arctic air.  It’s well worth it, just hard to stay motive sometimes.

Anyways after looking through my spreadsheet (where I tally all my cycling miles), I realized that last month I rode 3x less miles than in 2013 or 2012…  I know we had very mild winters the last two years but the difference between riding 237miles and 660miles is huge.  I bring that up as March 2nd is the Philadelphia regions first training crit of the season and Im not sure if I feel ready at all.  I feel like Im just getting done recovering from cross season and its already go time again.

Its going to be an interesting road season because for the first time ever, I actually have goals?!  Sounds weird I know, but Im hoping this will make me actually race more than a couple races in the season.

Goal #1 – Don’t get hurt too badly. –  Im prone to injury and I seem to get succumb to a bad crash at least once a year.  This year will be different!!! Probably not BUUUT, lets keep it civil this go-around.

Goal #2 – Cat up.  Game plan is to learn how to sprint and get some points to cat up from a 4 -> 3.  Im hoping some structured interval training will help (more on that later) reach this goal.

Goal #3 – And the only real goal that matters… Use road racing to help my overall fitness.   I bought an International license to race a couple UCI CX races this year.  It seems stupid to some extent… pay $100 more dollars than a regular license just to get pulled/lapped and not even get to finish a race?? Sure that sounds foolish but I know my fitness isn’t going to be at this level forever, why not jump in with some of the best racers in the US and have a go…?  There aren’t many sports where you can literally compete against pro-level athletes being a amateur-at-best athlete.  Anyways I digress… no more cross talk until road seasons winding down.

A couple random photos through the last month of my cycling life.  Enjoy.

Couple wild-life double track photo-opts.



West philly was a sheet of ice that day. thank god for studded tires

Snowy bar trip





Bare legs last weekend!


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