2014 South Jersey Spring Series – Race 2 (Cat 4/5 & 3/4)

10 Mar

After racing for the first time in 2014 last weekend I felt confident in the legs. Now that I knew I could hang in both races the goal was to make the legs do some work. The day before the race a couple of us went out for a 4-hour road ride to take in the 58*F sunny weather that was predicted. Valley Forge was hopping with the nice weather. Its always fun to cruise through the battlefields.



And somehow like last weekend we ended up drinking way too much at a beer event at Standard Tap. Cant go wrong with some big barrel aged smokey beers…


Cat 4/5 Mens Race video:

Cat 4/5 Strava Jawn (my power meter was acting up… low battery I believe)

Cat 3/4 Strava Jawn

Sunday rolls up a little sooner than expected but I pack the car and get ready for the cat 4/5 & 3/4 race. Only difference from last weekend is it was wet and pretty windy. Game plan was to tax the legs, stay up front & out of trouble, and DON’T miss the break if it happens again. Nothing wild to report, not many crazy crashed (I think just 1), did some work, sat in, did some work, sat in… the norm. With about 6 or 7 to go things picked up and everybody got ready. A couple thing went and came back and going into the last lap a person goes off the front. There are 2 or 3 people in front of me and Im hoping they’ll do the work. Unfortunately I get boxed in on the chicane as we slow… the guy gets farther away. Coming out of the chicane I know I need to bridge the gap as 2 people fall off. Now there are 3 people in front. I get close but cant quite tack on before turn 3 and realize the front 2 are pulling away with very little real estate left. I make a charge out of the saddle up the slight incline coming into the last corner but the legs don’t have it. I sprint to the line just to keep my position and roll in 3rd/55+. I felt good mentally but the legs were very tired, in a good way.



I messed up eating as I didn’t know there was a new race between the 4/5 & 3/4 and had to pound some extra food right before the race. Usually a bad idea for me but it worked out. The legs felt heavy and I was hoping to hang the whole race, as I knew I wasn’t contesting anything. It went well though, did some pulling, reeled in a couple of attacks, and hung the entire time. Didn’t contest the sprint but wasn’t planning on it. Rolled in ~17/30+ I was excited to race with tired legs and still be able to hang, because this is a training series… and cross is just around the corner 😉


I was hoping to help Jack but the legs weren’t agreeing with that plan. Anyways he doesn’t need my help, that’s for sure




Afterwards we ran some errands and swung by a new veg place, Green Medley in the Moorsetown Mall (weird I know)



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