2014 Naval Yard Crit (Men’s Cat 4/5 & 3/4)

21 Apr

I cruised down to the 8miles down to the naval yard to get some racing in. Game plan was to do well in the 4/5 and double up on the 3/4 to get some miles in. I thought roughly a week off the bike would be a good thing but it wasn’t. My game plan was to start the race off fast and break it apart. The 6 corner technical course had me weary of riding with 50+ cat4/5 riders.

Naval yard crit

Naval yard crit


Naval yard crit

Naval yard crit

Men’s 4/5 Video:

Strava cat 4/5: http://www.strava.com/activities/132213586

20 miles
0:47 moving time
Avg speed = 25.3mph
Max speed = 33.1mph
Avg power = 296W
Max power = 1,318W
Avg HR = 192bmp
Max HR = 205bmp

I cyclocross-started from the gun and led out the first lap and worked at the front for the next whiles. Not too long after there was maybe half the starters or so. I was feeling good and the pace felt pretty high. We tried a couple breaks but nothing stuck. Fast forward to 3 laps to go and 1 rider was off the front. I was sitting in trying to conserve. Coming into 1 to go I was somehow on the front with a really strong rider trying to go bridge the gap. I didn’t want to chase but had to put some effort in. Bad decision number 1. After it came back I sat in back in but jumped in the pack a bit too far back, mistake #2. Coming out of corner 1 on the last lap I was sitting on Justin’s wheels (from Tuckahoe) and let his teammate jump in in front of me. I knew they would have a good lead out and I wanted in.

Thing slowed coming into turn 3 which I wasn’t a fan of and got worried. We took the right through corner 3 and I crept up the right hand side before the left hand turn of corner 4 and a rider on a blue bike got wild and bumped me enough that I thought we were going down. I yelled a bit and told him to keep it up. Im glad he did. We slowed a bit coming into the left turn of corner 4 and with 2 more corners to go I JUMPED on it. Unfortunately for me there was no tension at all in my chain and I looked down to see WTF happened. Turns out the bump-age had dropped my chain to the inside (I think the little chainring). FUUUUUUUUUU I hurried to shift back to the big chainring and get back on it. A gap had formed and my plan at being in the top 3 was not a reality. I sat on a wheel and got outsprinted as usual. Not how I planned on ending that race at all and finished up 10th/70+ starters

Cat 4/5 Results:
Naval yard crit

Strava cat 3/4 (Pulled the plug): http://www.strava.com/activities/132213577

14.5 of 25 miles
0:35 moving time
Avg speed = 24.6mph
Max speed = 32.7mph
Avg power = 277W
Max power = 1,122W
Avg HR = 188bmp
Max HR = 201bmp

I was cooked from the race before. The 3/4 race was not good for me at all. It entailed a lot of coming to a rolling stop of 10mph to a violent sprint back to 30mph 4-6 times a lap. It was brutal. My legs were too cooked to move up off the back and I couldn’t hang anymore. Before I got caught up in a stupid crash at the back I pulled the plug and called it a day. Pretty shitty day of racing to be honest. It was good to see the guy who won the 4/5 race also win the 3/4 as well as the Bicycle Therapy train do some damage in the field sprint. Luckily the philly cycling crew are solid group of people and we headed to Cantina to eat&drink.


Naval yard crit

The damage done
Naval yard crit

And a little of this was happening to the crew
Naval yard crit

After that we headed over to a buddies to help on some car modifications
Naval yard crit

Naval yard crit

Sunday we crushed MTBs and I remembered how much fun single track is. Lots of work needs to get done but who knows when that will happen. All I know is its about to be nice out and I cant wait.

Naval yard crit

Naval yard crit

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