Work And A Trip Down The Shore

20 Jun

Last weekend was a busy one. We had some company in town and got slews of eating/drinking and a tad of house work accomplished.


The lady was doing a ride to get people ready for the Women’s 100 so I ventured out with my buddy Filson down the shore. The route isn’t perfect quite yet (note to self: next time stay on Piney Hollow Rd past Black Horse Pike/322 all the way to Harding Hwy/40 in order to bypass 54/12th street which is a bit busy)

Strava Route:

It was slow in Camden with not many people out and about at 8am. Eventually we made it to the farmland and enjoyed the scenery. We stopped to slam some food and crush beers before heading to the beach for some Mang-O-Rita’s. we headed to grab the NJ transit home from Atlantic City to find the train we were hoping to take wasn’t leaving at that time anymore. The next train was 2 hours later so we cruised over to the casino for a couple rounds and to hit the slots.

About how we were feeling atmo

Train sign in the bathroom

Got back and did some lazy day hangs with the cats and took in the newly planted herbs.



One Response to “Work And A Trip Down The Shore”

  1. Benzo July 2, 2014 at 2:40 am #

    I’m sad I missed this 😦

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