Granogue Cross 2014

18 Sep

Granogue Cross 2014 – Men’s 1/2

I hadn’t planned on racing this weekend at all but a bit of FOMO happened and I remembered how much I loved the venue/course. The last time they held this race was in 2011 and it was my 4th / 5th ever race, I was in the beginner Cmen race, and it was my first double weekend ever. I remember having a blast.

Been in the GoPro game for a while… video from 2011 Day 1 – laps 1 – Mens 4 race:



Anyways after a late night I woke up later than usual with nothing packed at all. I got the bike ready, packed the car, and we hit the road to catch the start of the Men’s B race. Unfortunately I forgot a bunch of stuff… sunglasses, Garmin, gloves, yada, yada… Right before everyone was lining up I used the restroom right next to the starting grid. When I got back out everyone was lined up and I was the last person (ie 4th row). My last race didn’t go so hot so I wanted to try something new. Game plan don’t go as nuts from the start and see how that works. I kept it calm on the prologue up the short steep climb and let things take there course. I didn’t make any wild moves and tried not to spike the HR too early. Im having a blast on the course but things aren’t there mentally. I cant push myself at all. My HR is low everytime I look down but I cant seem to tell myself to push harder.

Hal catches up to me and we catch up to Michael Miller – then we all cruise together for a lap. A couple times I wanted to make a move out of the group but I thought, just sit in and reduce your workload. OK smart Eric, lets try this out. Fast forward to the barriers that they both rode and disappeared after my ‘run’ attempt. I need to replace my right cleat as hoping wasn’t an option. They keep opening the gap as time ticks on. Im eventually in no mans land until I see Cam Dodge crushing it towards me. He closes the gap very quickly and I pull to the side as he laps me and give him encouragement (not that its needed at all) and he tells me thanks. I then then pick up my pace to ride behind him for a bit, JUST to watch his lines and try to pick up a thing or two. This last for all of 10seconds and hes gone. I pedal around a bit more, still having fun on the course but im done. A bit of a disappointment. I didn’t check results.

As usually lots to work on. I need to get more excited to race but its tough when youre not really fighting for anything. Ive never had to deal with the mental part of it, its something that im very weak at right now. Oh yah and cornering… I really need to practice that part. Charm city is up next! Well see how if I can make it with 1 to go before getting pulled!





Mens B

womens A

Mens A

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