Philly to NYC Ride / Bike Route

14 Sep

Its been on my agenda to do a Philly to NYC ride for a while. Blake and myself finally made it happen 2 weeks ago. We took off work Friday, left late morning and got up to Manhattan via the George Washington Bridge.

Strava Bike Route:

It was ~105miles to the GW bridge ~7.5hrs

It was ~115miles to Manhattan ~ 8hrs

Philadelphia to New York City

New York City to Philadelphia:

Route Notes:

• The section leaving Philly through the North East isn’t very nice on State Rd. This is potentially the worst stretch of riding you will have to do. Staying on Torresdale Ave is also another option, but theres no ‘fun’ way through especially with all the construction going on.

• The first section of trail dumps off and I think you can go through a salvage yard to skip a weird section where you have to jump onto a hwy type road that had no real traffic on it then get off at the 1st exit a ~1/4mi down.

• The 1st section of trail where you get on in Trenton could be a bit sketch depending on the time of day. We had no issues but I would use a bit of caution especially if by yourself at night. Ive seen where people instead of going into Trenton (via Bridge St) continue on the Canal Path to Washington Crossing then up to avoid that section.

• The trail itself is pretty nice with signage the entire way. Get ready to have red legs and bikes from the dirt.

• Most of the road riding was very nice. There is one section where on the way there we rode the wrong way up a 1 way street. Ill try and pinpoint where that was… but it was only for a short distance so we could get off the major road that much sooner.

I will add the cue sheet when I get home!!!!!!!!!

ride up


1st flat


Night time ride to




Monk’s Meats


Superiority Burger


Back to Brooklyn for the Pickle Shack

Sunday = heading home


Things got kinda wild at WaWa

Dirt legsssss


4 Responses to “Philly to NYC Ride / Bike Route”

  1. Brian November 3, 2015 at 3:12 am #

    Hey guys,

    Some friends and I are trying to ride down from NYC to Philly. I was wondering if you had a turn by turn text version of the cue sheet. I don’t have a GPS and have not yet figured out how to convert a .gpx file to something I can actually read on the road. Any help would be awesome.

    Great job on the ride!

    • Eric December 8, 2015 at 2:04 pm #

      Sorry Ive been off this thing for a little bit. Yeah let me try to make that happen this weekend.

  2. Henry May 8, 2017 at 10:50 pm #

    Do you guys have any plans on doing this ride again?

    • Eric May 12, 2017 at 4:20 pm #

      Hmm, not sure when well make it happen again but id love to. It was definitely a fun trip.

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