2015 Town Hall Cross

23 Sep

Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/397071983

Time: 1hr 6min = 8 laps

Avg HR = 194bmp

Video Lap 1

Going into the race I was ranked absolutely last 26th/26th, so all signs looked good that I would beat the predictor unless I DNF’d. The bad news was I didn’t race Cross-o-the-Corn so I was staged last only with Day-ofs behind me. Lucky for me there was a gap on the very left side that the official was standing in… the only bad news was you wanted to be far right to miss the giant/only mud hole on the course. The start went pretty well, I was hoping to move up then right but duder next to me wasn’t in the mood for moving to the right so I ended up in the mud puddle 😦 It pays to have a good start of Town Hall since you got directly into the hoard of switchbacks all the way up the hill where its HARD to pass and everyones looking to chop you in the 1million 180deg turns. I hung in the top 10 with that stupid thought of, ‘Ohhhh maybe I got fast overnight somehow and I can actually hang with these guys?!?’ After that dream faded, I let the gap to the lead pack go and let off the pace a bit trying to get the HR back down away from 200bmp.

For the next lap or so I still was too amped up to corner productively. Willem and Breakaway-Craig passed me during this time with Mikey Green right on my case. I was working much harder than I should have on the straights to fight back to keep them in sight and Mikey from coming around me. After about 4 laps I started actually cornering like a normal person and made my way back to Williem’s wheel. When we hit the start/finish straight I put a huge dig in out of the saddle and got a solid gap heading into the climb. For the next lap or so I worked hard on opening up the gap. I had Breakaway-Craig in front and was trying to keep pushing through the usually death back pain (I just started doing yoga!!). I start picking off 1 or 2 other riders who were fading from the front group. I make it up to Bob Reuther’s wheel at the barriers where he kindly lets me by and I put an effort in to gap him through the twisty turns. No dice. I stomp on it again and come into a corner a bit too hot and have to take a weird line and apologize to him. I do this for the next two minutes continuing to glance back and hes STILL on my wheel. Damn, nice work sir! Eventually on the start/finish going up hill with 2?>!? (1 would have been nicer to see) to go I get a solid gap on him and keep on trucking. I can see Breakaway-Craig not too too far in front of me and keep on pushing the pedals.

For the next 1.5laps I keep the pace high sprinting up the top of the climb each time trying to bridge the gap. With 1 to go I keep on the pace on the way up to the climb trying to see if theres a chance. After hitting the first switchback I realize the effort is futile. I back off on the pace a little. Coming down the hill I go into conserve mode and take the corners a bit more gingerly, and putting out more work in the straights to keep it upright.

I rolled in 13th behind my new nemesis/frienemy Breakaway-Craig.

Womens 1/2/3 & 3/4 & Masters

Mens 1/2/3

SSCX Winner & Champ


Womens 3/4


Mens A 1/2/3

Long hair competition

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