Crossasaurus Awesome CX 2015

8 Dec

Shit! As usual I forgot to post more or less anything in the last month or so… Let me try to get back on track.

Always a great race put on by an AWESOME team. this years course was better than usual with a really fun fast flow-y section that went down to the corn field. the last time i remember them using that section was the first season I raced where Mr. Ellis Kim talked me into doing my first B-race where I remember how he and Topher, and everyone else crushed my soul.

Luckily for most of us Ellis was in town and we cruised up tot he race after getting a bit of a ride in the day before.

We watched and cheered most the day mostly by the telephone pole… heheheheh it gave me many of grins. most people were civil over it with only a wheel or two coming out of dropouts UNTIL the catB 3/4 men who give 0 shits about not getting loose. best race to watch for sure. I was pretty bummed to have miss the other wilder crashes but 1 should be good enough.

Emma winning her first 3/4 race?!

B-men start (getting ready for the storm)

Blake barely edging the W over Max.Knee

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