Sly Fox Cross 2015

8 Dec

After its debut last year in 2014. Sly Fox Cross (SFCX) has become the most fun/anticipated local race of the PACX bar none. MattyB, Topher, and Nick put on a great event with great beer, great people, and a course that is actually fun to ride?!

This year we left the city early-early to help setup before the start of the race. I brought my race gear/bike but after the disaster that was me at CRCX I knew I should maybe not try to help all day AND race. This became easy to swallow as I started to drink some AM-beers. I worked the gate right by the run-up most of the day and got to heckle and shoot photos from there while getting a lap or two in when I could. The vibe and enegry was great, there were people there who definitely didn’t ride bikes, and there was even a camera crew who did a live streaming of the A race.

A bit bummed to have not raced but it was a great time from morning to night. I don’t even think I saw all that many casualties from the real race or the wild-SSCX fun ‘race’

The run-up before anyone was around

Joey at the front of the B-race

not sure if kyle was drunk yet here or not…


front of the race



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