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2015 Arsenal Crit – Men’s 3/4 & 1/2/3

24 Aug

Mens 3/4 race = 60min
Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/376393021/analysis
Avg Speed: 26.2mph
Avg Power = 278w
Avg HR = 190bpm

Mens 1/2/3 race = 70min of which I only did a few laps
Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/376393000/analysis
Avg Speed: 25.3mph
Avg Power = 286w
Avg HR = 188bpm

After a pizza filled evening at Taconelli’s celebrating I went home and purchased my 2015 license… I feel a bit ashamed to say it but I havnt raced a bike since the last post. Even worse I havnt blogged in that long either… ooof! So much to go back to and add to the blog. Anyways I decided with the help of Jack and Greg (arrow racings finest) that I should do some racing before crit season was over. I signed up for the Mens 3/4 and 1/2/3 races. My goal was to hang with the lead in the 3/4 and see how many laps I could do in the 1/2/3

I got down early to watch our Cadence kids do the Mens 5 race along with Stevie-Snax doing his first ever crit #roadie. Unfortunately they were a few crashes taking some of them out.

The 3/4 felt fast to me. I haven’t done speed work in a very long time so it makes sense. I did end up hanging out in the back more than I should but I also secretly wanted to work on some intervals for the upcoming cross season. I took a turn or two at the front but didn’t feel like I could make many moves with my current fitness so I sat back in towards the blunt end. I didn’t contenst the sprint but rolled though ~15-20 with the field starting with about 70-80people. Mission accomplished.

There was an hour between the 3/4 and the 1/2/3 and I slurped down a coke and walked around with my skin suit tied around my waist debating the next race. Jack #arrowiseverything talked me into racing and even gave me a bottle since I was all out. So I lined up and did what I knew not to do… started at the back and played that game. Obviously this isn’t a good move but I was tired and knew that I wasn’t hanging long and honestly didn’t ewant to me in anyones way. But as we all know once people start falling off the back you have to close down gap after gap. I only had a couple of these in me and I popped… oh well. I gave the tent the ‘im done sign’ and pulled off to slug a beer. It was fun jumping into my first 1/2/3 and Im looking forward to getting in the mix again.

1/2/3 solo break win

1/2/3 field spring

Next up is Nittany Cross 🙂


2014 Arsenal Crit – Mens 4/5

25 Aug

Sunday morning the lady and I rode down to the Arsenal Crit down at the Philly navy yard to race road bikes. This was going to be the ladys FIRST crit ever and first race after shattering her ankle… I was excited for her but at the same time a bit worried as crits are pure wildness in the lower categories.

Mens 4/5

Video :

Strava: http://www.strava.com/activities/185113228

Distance: 18.7mi
Time: 45min
Avg Speed: 25mi/h
Avg HR: 186bmp
Avg Power: 273W

The Arsenal Criterium this year was a traditional 4-corner crit that had ended up selling out in the mens 4/5 field with 75 people. The goal for today was to keep it upright and try to lead Ryan out for the final sprint. I knew a handful of people in the field and had a good time heckling throughout the race.

Things somehow stayed pretty civil in the bunch and I only yelled a couple times. Nothing was really going off the front and I didn’t do too much work at the front either other than for a lap or two when the pace seemed to slow too much. For the most part things stayed together due to the un-technical nature of the flat course.

I won’t spend too much time rambling on but with 3 to go Ryan got up to my wheel and he was feeling good. We stayed to the front as I knew the last lap would be mayhem.

On the last lap on the straight away coming into corner 3 a couple people went flying by on the right side and I knew I had to jump. Coming out of corner 3 I was sitting behind two people who both realized they didn’t want to lead out into the very long drag-line sprint. As they slowed I moved off there wheel to make sure I had a lane. Ryan was one wheel off mine at that point.

Coming into the last corner I stayed to the inside as to not get pushed too far out when a rider came on the inside of my already inside line. I had to push wider than I had wanted tracking out of corner 4 into the sprint but still made sure to leave plenty of room to not force anyone into the corner.

As I came out of the corner I there was one guy in front of me and I charged to get on his wheel. I sat on his wheel for a second and realized there was a chance I could take this. I jumped HARD to the left and went for broke. I heard the cheering and gave a glance backwards to see what kind of gap I had… it was enough and I threw the hands up crossing the line 1st of 60+ people.

I think there was some touching of wheels and foot dabbing that had to get done in the final corner which took fellow teammate Ryan out of contention. I was bummed for him but was more than excited to get my first road win and hopefully be able to upgrade to a cat3.




Riding down south


We cruised down early to watch a good friends first ever crit where we cheered/heckled hard giving us a great primer for the upcoming cross season.

Cat5 mens race

Next up was the womens 4 field where the lady was racing along side a bunch of friends/familiar faces. I wasn’t able to cheer as much as I would have liked as I was racing next but was more than happy to have everyone keep the rubber side down.

Womens 4 race


After doing well I opted out of the mens 3/4 race. Greg was racing but I knew I couldn’t help him anyways nor did he need my help. Greg was doing work up from and went off the front in a group of three. Around 2 to go they getting closer to getting caught when Myles from Cyclismo went hard and blasted by them. It look like Greg went hard to bridge up to Myles and they had a 15second gap to the peloton with 1 to go. As I looked across the course with ½ lap to go I counted 10seconds to a lone chaser and 16second to the peloton… I saw Myles then Greg coming out of corner 4 with a huge gap. I started yelling so loud that I thought my hernia was going to bust. Gregg crushed it and got the win. It was a 2/2 in the winning game for the Sunnybrook Racing crew this weekend. Couldn’t be happier with the results.

Mens 3/4


Ride for some food