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First Ride: Rockgeist Bikepacking Bags

31 Mar

This week I did a quick shakedown with my new
Rockgeist bikepacking bags. I have been lurking the internet, scoping instagram accounts, and reading through as many product reviews as I could before finally picking someone to make bags for the Lynskey. The process of buying anything always takes quite a while for me but especially with these bags because they are a good amount of money and they are something that should last many many years/miles so I wanted to get it right the first time.

For my decision making process I had a couple things I wanted:
1) Someone who could make a custom half frame bag
2) Matching top tube bags, feed bag, and saddle bag
3) Bags that I didn’t have to wait 2+ months for
4) Made in the USA

After I put together those parameters I got to work seeing what was available. There are so many small companies out there making really legit looking bike packing bags that it was hard to choose. At some point I read a review at http://www.bikepacking.com/gear/bikepacking-stem-bags/ on the Rockgeist Trillium Honey Pot feedbag and started lurking on the Rockgeist page. Their bags looked very thought out and I was really intrigued by the small attentions to detail throughout their bags which set them apart from some of the other bag builders. I then shot an email over to Greg at Rockgeist to talk about options and lead times. After a few emails back and forth I was in! He gave me a production timeline to complete all the bags within a month. I then got to work on making then mailing him an outline for the ½ frame bag.

As for bags I opted for:
Flyrock 1/2 Frame Bag (all are custom & I opted for the interior loops for a frame pump)
Joule Quest Saddlebag (10L and 13oz)
Trillium Honey Pot feedbag
Front Cache Top Tube Bag (shorter and wider)
Rear Cache Top Tube Bag (taller and slimmer as to not rub your thighs)

I don’t have a good sense of fabric/color palette choices so I left that up to Greg to do as he pleased. His thought was to keep in simple with my bike and go mostly black with some small details of camo. The interiors are either hot pink or bright orange which gives contrast when rummaging for items at night. I was also pleasantly surprised to find out the other night that the zipper pull ends utilize glow in the dark plastic so you can see them easily when its dark. The zippers themselves are YKK® water resistant zippers that have a large flap to cover the end of the zipper to protect the intrusion of water.

I will give updates and a review at some point on the bags as I put actually miles on. Very much looking forward to commuting/bike-camping/rando-ing with these bad boys.