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Ridley X-Night / #crossiscoming

28 Aug

A few weeks back we had the pleasure of someone making our car a bit more aero… and by more aero I mean someone using a pry bar to take off the roof rack. Life in the city. Fast forward a bit and I needed to figure out a way to get multiple bikes to races, especially since cyclocross season starts in less than two weeks. I opted to go the hitch route as I didn’t want to get another rack stolen and fuel efficiency. I picked up a class 1 1 ¼” hitch for the car for ~$125. The install on these things aren’t super easy but waaaaay easier than they use to be 10 years ago. There is no drilling needed as they use very cleaver fishing wire to route the bolts through the subframe which will most likely take up the majority of the time depending on the setup. I will say I had to dremel a few under-carriage plastic parts to fit around the hitch itself. Either way I was able to get it done in an hour or so, by myself, on the side of our street.







Next up was actually finding a rack.  I live for finding ‘deals’ on forums/craigslist/what-have-you and was able to find a new Thule 4 bike rack for under $100. I scooped it up on the way home a night and strapped it on my bag trying not to take out any pedestrians/side mirrors.  They claim 2 bikes only but when your bikes are ~20lbs, its not a worry as youre way under the max 200lb tongue allowable.





Now that I got the transportation of bikes dialed in again, next was buying another bike of course… Like usual, a deal popped up I couldn’t pass and now I own a plastic cross bike.  it’s a 2012 Ridley X-Night and its stupid stiff.  It seriously sprints better than my carbon roadie, its amazing.  I’ve been putting as many road miles on her to get use to the geometry.











Unfortunately theres been a lot of conflict in the city cross scene and we lost our old cx course.  A slew of people went out and put in some work to create a new course.  Unfortunately it’s a little late to start practicing but either way it needs to get built for Single Speed Cyclocross Worlds (#SSCXWC13 if you will) which will be here at the end of the year.