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NJ Beach Cycling Route – Philadelphia to Margate City / Atlantic City / Ocean City

22 Jul

Ive been tweaking this beach bike route for a few years.  Its ~70miles from the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia down the shore – Margate City / Ventnor, OCNJ, Atlantic City.  Ive used the 1st part of this route as well to Wildwood/Cape May by dipping south on Tuckahoe Road in Buena instead of continuing on RT40 to Mays Landing.


The route takes ~4-5hours depending on riding speed. Its pretty chill with only a few sections of business and a bunch of farm stands/WAWA’s along the way.

STRAVA: https://www.strava.com/activities/645007156


R – 5th | L – MLK
R – Haddon [2mi]
R – White Horse/RT30 [1.2]
R – after Bridge Lakeview
L – Newton (||’s RT30)
Turns into E Atlantic [9mi]
L – Berlin [1.3mi]
Rfork – New Freedom/691
R|T- Berlin/NewFreedom/720
R – Tauton [0.1mi]
QL (Quick) – New Brooklyn
L|T – CedarBrook
QR (Quick)- Blue Anchor
R|T- Mays Landing/RT73
R–Piney Hollow/Brewster
L- $ Harding Hwy/Rt40 <————(Wawa 40 miles in)
R- $ (after bridge)–River/RT617
QRfork–Atlantic559/Somers [2]
Lfork – Ocean Heights/559Alt
R – Somers Pt Pedestrian Path
L- $ Maryland/152 (bridge)
R- 27th – |   L Atlantic




(font 12pt)

L= Left

R = Right

T = T in the road

QR = Quick Right

Lfork = Left at a fork in the road

||’s = parallels






Philly Phyler RR & South Jersey Spring Series #3

17 Mar

Saturday: Philly Phyler cat 3/4 RR

NOTE: Im bummed that my SD card was full pretty much all weekend and like a dum-dum I didn’t notice. I don’t have any sweet GoPro footy from the weekend. #wompwomp

STRAVA: http://www.strava.com/activities/121474808

Avg Speed: 23.4mph
Avg Power: 257W
Max Power: 1067W
Avg HR: 180bmp
Max HR: 202bmp

A bunch of us met up to ride over to the start of the 3/4 Philly Phyler road race. This was my first go at the race and my first RR in ages. I was a bit weary as the pre-reg list looked pretty deep with talent. I think we barely made it past the natural roll out when either Willem or Jack from Bicycle Therapy attacked on West River. This seemed to be the theme of the day. I was feeling pretty good heading up the climb from West River past Strawberry Mansion bridge and was getting into my groove.

On the third lap the pace slowed a bit and myself and a couple went off the front. This only last a very short amount of time but it felt good to give it a go. Going up the climb for the third time I was cross-chaining like a champ trying to keep the legs spinning rather than mashing. Right as we turned right up Greenland Dr I was sitting in the middle at In the top 15 or so when SHHHHHHHH…skiddd…… fuuuuuuuu!!!!!!! When I was out of the saddle stomping the pedals my $150 wheelset had way more flex than I was expecting and tweaked enough to suck in my rear derailleur… this caused my hanger to shear off and bend my chain around causing my rear to skid to a stop immediately. I then was in the center of the pack hoping I didn’t get rear ended with 50+ dudes still needed to get past.


All I was thinking was stay thin!!!! Paper-THIN! It worked and I didn’t get smashed. Luckily for me Thom Cal was right there and we chatted a bit and I pulled some links out of the chain and took the RD off to kick/push my way back to the start/finish. I was a bit bummed but what can you do. On my way kick/pushing on the West River Dr path I hear a ‘Yo Dream/Greenberg?!’ and I loop back around to find the #messlife dudes doing their thing drinking brews and watching bike racing. I hung with them for a bit watching the rest of the race pounding a couple beers. Food for thought, you will feel loopy after not eating for a couple hours, racing hard, and pounding beers before food.






I eventually make it back to the start and felt a bit more bummed about the situation. I caught a ride home and during the trip I had the lady sign me up for the South Jersey Spring Series the following day.


After eating and hanging out for a bit it was time to replace the RD, hanger, chain, and cable. I like to have things ready so luckily I already had all of these pieces in the tool box ready to go.


Sunday: South Jersey Spring Series #3 cat 4/5 & 3/4

Cat 4/5

Avg Speed: 23.4mph
Avg Power: 283W
Max Power: 1125W
Avg HR: 190bmp
Max HR: 202bmp

Strava: http://www.strava.com/activities/121474801

I wasn’t planning on racing on Sunday… but sometime you need to make moves. I toyed with the idea of doing the Temple Crit but knew the strong field would be tough to get through so I opted for the easier S. Jersey jawn. We got out to the race around 9:20am and got things together. It was cool 32F with a wicked wind.

The race started fast… or I clipped in and made it that way. A few breaks went early and I didn’t a lot of work reeling a couple of them in. I think that was when the field blew apart a bit. I realized the legs didn’t like all the work at the front but honestly no one else was doing any work and it’s a training crit. With about 5 or 6 to go a few faster guys went and I jumped with them. We made it ~2 laps before we were caught and the legs felt it. With 2.5 or so to go Andrew went and I wanted to go… I really did but I didn’t have it. I was sitting on the front and kept the pace the same but didn’t chase. I knew he could take it if I gave him some time. As we rounded the line with 2 to go a couple people went and I jumped on. We kept the pace high for the last two laps. I was feeling alright but not exactly good… we were closing down the gap on Andrew but I was hopefully hed keep it going. As we came out of corner 4 I was sitting right behind Nick (2nd wheel) and got outsprinted at the line and ended up 4th/51 with Nick in 2nd and Andrew in 1st…




Cat 4/5 Results


Cat 3/4 Race

Avg Speed: 24.1mph
Avg Power: 255W
Max Power: 996W
Avg HR: 187bmp
Max HR: 205bmp

Strava: http://www.strava.com/activities/121474805

I wasn’t feeling it so much but we jumped back out there for the cat3/4 race. As usually Byron went from the gun and the pace picked up but after he got caught things ramped down. The first 15 minutes weren’t bad. A few minutes later I see Justin go and I jump on with another guy or so. We keep the pressure on and the 8 of us slowly start opening up the gap on the field. At first we couldn’t organize so well but eventually everyone start taking pulls and it feels like we are actually in a REAL bike race. Ooooohhhhieie! We all put some serious work in with Nick Cal taking charge and giving some orders. I we then see small packs in front and the carrot in dangled in our face… we scoop a group here, then another there and before we knew it we had lapped the field with most people getting pulled.

Unfortunately for us those last couple riders latched onto our group of 8 (even though they were a lap down) and made things more chaotic than it needed to be. At this point the group of us slowed a bit but kept rotating through. When the lap cards came out people started thinking more stetigec and trying to get some recovery in. With about 2 or 3 to go there were a couple attacks that went off the front with no one wanting to do too too much work. Justin went hard and I didn’t want to see him get away so we put in some work but I think he blew himself up in the wind. Coming into the last lap another guy went off the front and I was sitting 2nd wheel. We came out of the chicane and he had a gap but was looking like he was fading. I was encouraging the guy in front a bit and sat on his wheel going into turn three. As we came out of turn three and up the slight incline I jumped hard, out of the saddle and going for broke. I came into turn 4 hot with no one in front. I gave a glance back and sprinted to the line. On my left I saw the wheel of Paul from Kelly Benefits. I then saw his wheel go slightly past mine, I dug. Dug really hard and could tell I was getting it back! I was all in but the line came up quick and I was inches from victory. I felt great about the performance and would have loved a victory but that will have to wait. I ended up 2nd/34 and was SO siked to get into a winning break/ It has been a goal of mine since I started ‘racing’ on the road.

Cat 3/4 sprint


We checked the results as the lapped riders had also sprinted making things tougher.

Cat 3/4 Results


I was excited as it was and to get paid on top?! Cant complain about that.


Once back in the city it was margaritaaaa time (editor’s note: I drank a Tecate instead)



And a shot of tequila with candles for Brendan’s 30th


I then proceeded to cry and sweat all over the place eating some Thai food


Then headed over to the surprise party to hang with a choice crew… It was another solid weekend.



13 Dec

SSCXWC13 PHILLY… what a weekend. Im still trying to recover from the madness, which is why this post took so long to come out. Maybe ill backfill with Bilenky photos/video too if I get motivated. One of the best cross weekends ever! Big thanks to Dave Pryor and everyone else who had a hand in getting Single Speed Worlds to Philly! We ALL had a blast.

Youtube Video:



Mayor Nutter!


Everyones a weiner race:






$$ shot


Bal Hatdorf







Stolen photos











First real snow of the year = a fun ride home



Ride to Moshulu that night for the after party


The winners


Veggie Wing Tour 2013

20 Aug

Ive been slacking on making this post…

Last weekend I put on ‘Wings, Dings, and Things,’ a soon to be annual veggie wing crawl via bikes.  The goal was to eat a bunch of wings that aren’t real wings, drink a bunch of beer along the way, and hang out with buds.  I think all the goals were accomplished.

Stop 1: Cedar Point Bar and Kitchen (2370 E. Norris St)

First up Cedar Point in Fishtown for food and drinks.  Their wings are on the crispier side and are topped with fried brussels sprouts which seams weird but are amazing.  Then again fried anything is great.  I did find out they have half price wings during their weekly weeday happy hour.





Stop 2: Blackbird (507 S 6th St) www.blackbirdpizzeria.com/

Next up was Blackbird, an all vegan pizza shop.  They make their seitan in house which is amazingly good about a year ago which are great, BUT they wont do a regular buffalo jawn which is a bit frustrating.  My new move is to get said wings dry, and then add the redhot that they have on the counter.  They were excellent.  We ate outside and enjoyed some Sly Fox Route 113 IPA.  I think a few people even threw down on the bball court.





Stop 3:  Pizza.Wings.Steaks (3233 Powelton Ave)

It is a newer establishment in University City.  I found out about this place not too long ago and added it to the route to span the city a bit more.  They do a homemade seitan, then bread it, and then fry so the wings are more like something you would get at Hooters.  I think this stop put most of us in the pain cave as we ordered way too many rounds.  They were good, just super filling.




Stop 4: Belgium Café (2047 Green St.)
Then to the Art Museum area for Belgium café, which has had their wings on the menu for a long time.  They use more of a BBQ sauce but they are still always good.  They also have an amazing beer list so we hung out in drank for a bit trying to get our hunger back up.



Stop 5:  The Abbaye (637 N. 3rd St)

The final stop of the tour was The Abbaye in Northern Liberties.  They have pretty good wings but their homemade seitan seem to change every time im there.  The price to portion ratio makes me rarely order them but they are good.  Most of us had our fill of wings so we mostly drank until late that night.