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West Chester CX 2015 #2 (WCCX)

8 Dec

From what I hear this is the last version of the West Chester Cross Race since the land its ran on is for sale or sold. With that being said and my lack of racing I decided to go out and race a bit.

Mens A 1/2/3 Race Video – 1st lap

The day before I ventured out to the brubs to do some failed Criagslisting, run by Bikesport, and ride with Glenn, Eric Ness, and Jamie. We decided to ‘tackle’ MattB’s firbird ride. Well i think it was a ride. Im pretty sure we rode bikes to/from drinking spot at least. Sections were gnar, people were great, and i got to do a bit of heckling, ie my favorite past time. all in all a solid day but i was exhausted from 76, and the grocery story, and such, not from riding…

Fast forward to sunday morning and im getting ALL the kittens rangeled and getting my bike into race shape. I roll out around 10:30am and pick up GregWhits and we hit the road.

The weather is too nice to be real. SS kits/skinsuits in Dec?! areyoukittenme?! The course is muddier than expected but we were told it was super icey/frosty that morning. The wind was minimal at most with the sun beating down. I watched/heckled the B-men and watched superstar-saxton ride at the front of the race for a while.

I warmed up a little bit and spun around, went down to the start and slotted in 2nd row behind MG. The whistle blows and MG misses a pedal and I skoot around him slotting in behind Jack on the road section and 5th coming into the grass. Ruether takes a low line around me quickly after and I sit in for a while. I realized iM not so good at this part yet… the race isnt super fast, everyone sitting in, BUT you need to keep you position and not get overtaken by everyone. I definitely need to work on this part as im not quite aggressive enough.

I sit in on the large front of the group for the next 1.5laps letting people in front of me if they need. COming around the U-turn before the pit I loose my front wheel and eat it infront of MG. Sorry Mikey!! for what its worth its the first time ive actually fallen all season which i think is probaly a bad thing. anyways this put a gap to the lead group and they have to hustle to try to latch on. I on the other hand jump on and realize my RD is a lil borked so i soft pedal 1/4 of the course, reach up to grab the course tape, and ride over to the car and call it a day.

The good news was I was able to get GregWhits getting his first 1/2/3 win ever?! Afterwards our crew hit Su Tao HARD!!! solid weekend and a not so solid day of racing. I think that may be it for me this season. as usual tons to work for next season. just hoping I have the will power to make it happen.

now bring on the snow! i need a break from bikes.


NickCal in the lead and NOT on his AWOL?>?>!


Su Tao!


2015 Nittany Cross – Day 1 & 2

14 Sep

Ahhh Nittany Cross. The 1st real race of the season for most. Always fun seeing old friends and catching up while at the same time realizing A) you didn’t actually train that hard and B) you really are not sure if you ‘like’ racing

Day 1s race went well for me. Lined up 2nd to last row. Got into a group with Jack and rode with him until we got pulled w 2 to go. Somehow the officials never placed me but o well.

Day 2s race didnt go as well. Was in about the same range then the back acted up and I soft pedaled until Bossmans got close enough to get pulled w 3 to go.


Day 1

Day 2

Day 1 Video – 1st lap Mens UCI race

Bossmans hoping the barriers!!


Bike work

Day 1

Cat 4-5 Men

Womens 3/4 + Masters + Juniors

Podium picssssss

Masters 35+

1st time in the UCI race! The bessssttttt!

Mens UCI

Mens B 3/4

Little VT action

Then Blackbird dinner pickup

Day 2

Womens 3/4



back of the pack = happy face

UCI mens 2 day winner Bosmans!

Mens 3/4



13 Dec

SSCXWC13 PHILLY… what a weekend. Im still trying to recover from the madness, which is why this post took so long to come out. Maybe ill backfill with Bilenky photos/video too if I get motivated. One of the best cross weekends ever! Big thanks to Dave Pryor and everyone else who had a hand in getting Single Speed Worlds to Philly! We ALL had a blast.

Youtube Video:



Mayor Nutter!


Everyones a weiner race:






$$ shot


Bal Hatdorf







Stolen photos











First real snow of the year = a fun ride home



Ride to Moshulu that night for the after party


The winners


Fair Hill Cross 2013

11 Nov

I really enjoy the course at Fair Hill Cross (First State Velo Sport Xross) which is the 6th stop on the MAC calendar this year. Last year was my first time racing there and even though I crashed hard at the start ( last years recap ) I still had one of the best races of my carer. My love for the course is probably due to the fact that the venue suits me pretty well. There are a lot of open sections, really fast whoop section that flow, a few steep stand-up kickers, and ridable barriers.

Strava Jawn: http://www.strava.com/activities/94434381

Mens B 2/3/4 Youtube Race Video:

We got there hella early for the Mens 4/5 race as we gave Bob a ride down.





The start of the Womens 3/4 race had me on edge. They lined them up 9 across, bars were touching bars, and I honestly think I was more scared for the start then they were.









I was told I had to actually write something for the team blog… I hope this is legible!?!

I was lucky enough to get a call-up to the front row based on MAC points and hopped this would keep me out of harm’s way on the start.  After the whistle blew I got off the line quick and wanted to sit in and not take the front.  I slotted in 3rd behind Sean Pasieka and John Dove and let them set the tempo.  After the long start gravel road, the course took a left onto the grass followed by a long sweeping right off-camber turn with a lot of chewed up grass which made it tricky at high-speed.  Right before the wooded section Andrew made a move past me which caught me off guard and I ran directly over a large root and hit rim HARD… pinch flatting ran through the brain.  Coming out of the woods Sean had a slight gap on us and I jumped past Andrew and John to get back to his wheel.

I sat on his wheel through the tricky off-camber up & downs and through the fast whoop flow-y section.  I was feeling good.  You then make a tricky left on a off-camber turn then a fast right followed by a fast downhill to a #GETRAD table top where all the kids were heckling.  After a few tight/odd turns there were two ridable little logs followed by another quick downhill.  They had changed this portion up a bit from the year before and we went through a small mud-bog to into a really tough false flat section of the course.  At this point Andrew crushed past both Sean and I and took to the front.  We got back on the road section and I sat on Seans wheel pacing myself.

Our group of 5 at the front with Eric K and Bernie right behind me had a solid gap on the field with no one really insight.  Everything stayed together until a few turns before the table top when Bernie slid out in a corner which I believe held Eric K up.  Game time.  Once I saw this I knew we had to put a gap in as those two are very strong riders.  Andrew had a small gap on Sean and I by maybe 3 or 4 seconds.  As we got back on the start/finish gravel road to start our 3rd lap Sean gave me the ‘Pull Through’ sign.  I came through and stood up and put some work in trying to make it up to Andrews wheel/make Sean work to sit in.  After a couple turns on the grass I got to Andrew’s wheel and was still feeling like the legs had more.  I knew I could ride the flow-y whoops faster than I had been behind other people and made my move to the front right before the semi-technical wooded/dirt section.  Coming out of the woods I put in another big effort and tried to make a gap.  New game plan, go for broke.

I worked hard that next lap increasing the gap on Andrew as it looked like Sean had fallen back.  With 3 to go (even though the announcer kept saying 2) I had a 30+ second gap on the chasing group of 3 and the legs/lungs were in good shape to keep this pace.  I kept pushing as hard as I could on straights and about 90% on corners trying to not make a big mistake.  Even though I watched the leader of the womens race burp her front on the table top I continued to get rad on the ‘jump’ doing some sweet style airs as to NOT get heckled by my teammates.

With 2 to go I gave a quick look and saw someone else had bridged up to Andrew and Eric but the gap was sizable.  All that was running through my head was ‘Don’t mess this up dummy.’  So with that in my head I took even less risks and went a lot slower through any of the tricky sections while still pushing as hard as I could on the straights.  After the table top I got distracted by a spectator talking to me, fumbled, then had to get off the bike and run…Fuuuuuuu?!@  I actually said/yelled this then proceeded to apologize for expletive language in front of his child.  This rattled me a bit as I had too much going on in my head other than the normal pain and ‘just keep pedaling.’

With one to go I could tell the gap had got cut in half by me playing it safe but I felt I could easily keep it as long as I didn’t do something stupid.  The thought of dropping a chain, getting a flat, or some other random mechanical continued to play in my brain.  I played it safe over the tabletop the last lap and didn’t #GETRAD.  I made my way past some lapped traffic, and made the turn back towards the barriers where I got a glimpse of the chase group. Still good.  Only a few corners to go and this is mine…  I took those corners more gingerly than I have taken anything in a race, turned onto the gravel section with Larry waving his MAC leaders jersey in my face, took one last look over my shoulder and gave it a little effort to get to the line.  I sat up, zipped up the skin-suit and gave a little hands up over the line (I didn’t want to take the hand off too far as the gravel was deep and falling as you win a race would be the absolute pits).  I turned around and watched the sprint for 2nd and then it hit me, I finally got a win in a 2/3/4 MAC race. Hell Yah!






Podium Action


Crossasaurus Awesome 2013

28 Oct

Crossasaurus Awesome is has been one of my favorite races for the last couple years. Not because the course is amazing but because of the single speed cross races they have at the end of the day. Both of our start times were in the afternoon so we actually go to sleep in Sunday morning which was amazing. We got up there and watched the end of the Mens B race.




Lauren crushed a few souls and ended up 3rd in the Cat 3/4 Women’s felid and her first time on the podium. Woo!



Main goal for the day was to not get lapped as we were doing 10 laps or something crazy due to the short/fast course. For another week in a row I scrambled to get myself together before the race and get warmed-up. I did spin on a trainer for 15min beforehand periodically jumping off to scream on the ladies. I went off easy in the Men’s A 1/2/3 race and sat in behind Ryan on his SSCX rig. Eventually I made my way past riders (most who were off their bikes after crashing) and was trying to get the legs warmed-up.

I think during the 2nd lap I slid out and braaaap, snapped off my front brand new shifter,fuuuuuuu!!! Good thing I had just tightened it before the race… For the remaining 8 laps I was either in the drops or doing some weird crab move with my left hand as there was no hood to hold onto. I did learn I suck at riding tight corners in the drops, or I just cant corner well in things like that. I also learned not to try out new tubeless tires for the first time in a race. Meh. I didn’t even check my results and I think I lost my Garmin somewhere. Luckily there was a SSCX race to cheer me up.

No reason to talk about the goodness. Awesome costumes, beer in pumpkins, hardcore heckling, grain alcohol, and great people.

Youtube video of the SSCX race(s):






























West Chester Cross 2013 – Video

22 Oct


1st Lap of the Mens Elite 1/2/3 race.

WhirlyBird Cross 2013

14 Oct

WhirlyBird Cross, MAC race #5 of the series at Bensalem High School in the great North East Philadelphia. Last year was their first year at this venue and I recall really enjoyed the course/hecklers.


I just bought a new iMac after busting the ladies computer… first time back in the editing game… enjoy!


C men – Cat 4/5 Race pictures












Style points.


We got part of our kit order including bball jerseys//


Womens 3/4 – Cat B photos:











Mens Cat 2/3/4 – B Race:

I wont talk to my race too much since the video shows most of it but it was a fun tough race. Coming into it I knew I wasn’t going to be hanging with Mark or Bernie and was gunning for a top10. I got a 1st row call-up and came out of the prologue in 3rd behind Bernie and Sean. Sean went down after the first turn and I was already going low with nowwhere to go. I tried to bunnyhop/ran into him and hoped off my bike and started running with my bike on one side of the tape and my person on the other. After bobbling around a stake I jumped the tape, yelled out a hoot&holler and proceeded to jump on Andrey’s wheel. This was about the time a FreddieFu guy yelled at me and I may have cursed at him a bit then chopped him hard after the run-up. Throughout the race I traded spots with a slew of regulars which made the race a blast. The off-camber mud bog became wild and i was doing a one footed half crank ride through it everylap until i tried to run it once (shown at the end of the video) and i almost ate it hard… Somewhere mid way through #Pro CRCA cat1 roadie Alejandro Guzman cruised past me but that was the inevitable. After that I sat in with a couple of groups with Myles, Caleb, and a few others before Sean (Elite Endurance Training Systems) formed a big gap on me that I was never able to reel back until the last lap when I saw him and Guzman not too far ahead. I gave it some gusto as I knew Guzman must have had a mechanical if he was drifting back but wasn’t able to close it down and slowly rolled past the line getting 5th out of 88 racer. This course really lends itself to my strengths and I had one of my best races ever. I felt good about the day.

Strava Jawn: http://www.strava.com/activities/88657108

A couple sweet photos from ‘http://www.apicephoto.com’

Apice Photo: 2013 Whirlybird 'Cross &emdash;

Apice Photo: 2013 Whirlybird 'Cross &emdash;

Apice Photo: 2013 Whirlybird 'Cross &emdash;

iPhone jawns:





Cat 2/3/4 Podium:


It got dirty out there…



Cat 2/3/4 results:



This made me chuckle.


I let the lady open up my prize pack of a giant thing of Heed and some sweet kit washing supplies.


Next up was the all important ‘On The Border’ trip to eat and drink it up.



Dog Podium