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West Chester CX 2015 #2 (WCCX)

8 Dec

From what I hear this is the last version of the West Chester Cross Race since the land its ran on is for sale or sold. With that being said and my lack of racing I decided to go out and race a bit.

Mens A 1/2/3 Race Video – 1st lap

The day before I ventured out to the brubs to do some failed Criagslisting, run by Bikesport, and ride with Glenn, Eric Ness, and Jamie. We decided to ‘tackle’ MattB’s firbird ride. Well i think it was a ride. Im pretty sure we rode bikes to/from drinking spot at least. Sections were gnar, people were great, and i got to do a bit of heckling, ie my favorite past time. all in all a solid day but i was exhausted from 76, and the grocery story, and such, not from riding…

Fast forward to sunday morning and im getting ALL the kittens rangeled and getting my bike into race shape. I roll out around 10:30am and pick up GregWhits and we hit the road.

The weather is too nice to be real. SS kits/skinsuits in Dec?! areyoukittenme?! The course is muddier than expected but we were told it was super icey/frosty that morning. The wind was minimal at most with the sun beating down. I watched/heckled the B-men and watched superstar-saxton ride at the front of the race for a while.

I warmed up a little bit and spun around, went down to the start and slotted in 2nd row behind MG. The whistle blows and MG misses a pedal and I skoot around him slotting in behind Jack on the road section and 5th coming into the grass. Ruether takes a low line around me quickly after and I sit in for a while. I realized iM not so good at this part yet… the race isnt super fast, everyone sitting in, BUT you need to keep you position and not get overtaken by everyone. I definitely need to work on this part as im not quite aggressive enough.

I sit in on the large front of the group for the next 1.5laps letting people in front of me if they need. COming around the U-turn before the pit I loose my front wheel and eat it infront of MG. Sorry Mikey!! for what its worth its the first time ive actually fallen all season which i think is probaly a bad thing. anyways this put a gap to the lead group and they have to hustle to try to latch on. I on the other hand jump on and realize my RD is a lil borked so i soft pedal 1/4 of the course, reach up to grab the course tape, and ride over to the car and call it a day.

The good news was I was able to get GregWhits getting his first 1/2/3 win ever?! Afterwards our crew hit Su Tao HARD!!! solid weekend and a not so solid day of racing. I think that may be it for me this season. as usual tons to work for next season. just hoping I have the will power to make it happen.

now bring on the snow! i need a break from bikes.


NickCal in the lead and NOT on his AWOL?>?>!


Su Tao!


West Chester Cross 2013 – Video

22 Oct


1st Lap of the Mens Elite 1/2/3 race.

West Chester Cross 2013

22 Oct

This is the second year of West Chester Cross and I remember I enjoyed the course from last year. There is a fun amount of elevation changes/rollers throughout the course that many of our local races dont have. We left the city around 7:30 and made it there a bit before 8:30 so the lady could get some laps in before her 10am race. I helped pin some Cmen up and got ready to heckle a bit.


Mens C 4/5 Photos

IMG_3605 IMG_3608

Womens A 1/2/3 and B 3/4

WIMG_3613  IMG_3657 IMG_3654 IMG_3651 IMG_3648 IMG_3645 IMG_3639 IMG_3628

Masters 45+


Mens B 3/4 Photos

IMG_3681 IMG_3683

Mens A 1/2/3

I did a lot of things wrong for this race. Even though I was at the venue all day I only got in 2 laps on the course. Not a biggie but also no real reason to get some slow laps in. Then with about 5minutes until we were about to grid up I was still messing around with my bike and hadn’t warmed up at all. Bleh. I got a quick road lap in then got to the start area.

I was #10 from racing Townhall and with 2 no shows at the line got some front row call-up action. Oooohie! From the whistle it was fast with Jack taking the front and me sitting in 2nd on his wheel. He looked back at me a couple times for either me to pull through or see if anyone was making a move but I was more than content sitting in as my legs were already giving me a sign of ‘You didn’t warm-up dum-dum.’ We got to the 2 small stairs which I was thinking Id run the first lap but sitting in 2nd was going to do what Jack did. Unfortunately I didn’t know he was gonna ride the 1st and run the 2nd and I bobbled hard trying to unclip.

The rest of the first lap was pretty much every person in the race passing me like I wasn’t even trying. Eventually I’m in no-mans-land and mentally I feel like crap. I lose most of my drive and when Hal passes me I let him go without trying to tack on. Bleh. Nothing happens for a few laps other than me falling back and Myles catching up to me… with 2 to go he gets me by the single barrier and I let him go. With about 1 to go I get a bit pissed at myself for not going harder and I real Myles back in. I almost get to his wheel before the sprint but cant quite make it happen and roll across the line 17th/21.

I still need to somehow get to the point where I can push myself when no-ones around. Its all mental… I just need to bridge that gap.

Strava Jawn: http://www.strava.com/activities/90435786

IMG_3791  IMG_3792




SS RaceIMG_3707 IMG_3767 IMG_3754 IMG_3752 IMG_3751 IMG_3746 IMG_3728 IMG_3723 IMG_3709


Dog Podium


Then off to Su Tao buffet which was quite good on the way home!