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May 2014 – A Summation

29 May

Oh boy… Ive neglected this blog of late. Quick post of the last month or so to get me back on track.

I ‘raced’ MTBs at Fairhill XC… was hoping to do a bit better but didn’t put any miles on my MTB before



At some point in this time frame the lady and I FINALLY closed on the foreclosure home we’ve been trying to buy. Ever since its been slews of moving, painting, everything else in the world minus real training.

Some pump track action with the kids


The first race of the season for the Neighborhood Bike Works kids that I help ‘coach’

Then up was Dirtfest 2014 at Raystown lake. Always a great time



The parents came up for the long weekend to help out with the slews of house work that need to be accomplished.

Memorial day came and went and we ended up at some sort of dance rave jawn after a fun day of beers/cycling/pool parties/ and brewery stops.

Oh yah and some more painting…