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Coming up

15 Dec

Should be a fun weekend coming up.

Saturday is X-Mas Cross and MTB Follies put on by Bicycle Therapy somewhere in Belmont.

Sunday is Bilenky Junkyard Cyclocross Race which is always a good time.

Video from last years with Ryan looking dapper as usual.


Commute Home 1.

13 Dec

I was able to leave work a bit early and catch the sun setting as I rode through the park. The temperature has been steadily going down this week and it is finally started to feel like December.

Limestone Cross at the Kiln

13 Dec

Course was great this weekend with different terrain, elevation, off camber climbs and decents .  It was a bit cold though, ~20F and frosty, but the legs felt great the entire race.  I think I need to instill more hangover recovery days before races next season.

And since we were close by we had to swing by Vegan Treats for some post race goods.

Post 1.

12 Dec

I’m not sure exactly what I want this blog to be, nor do I know what it will turn into, but I know its going to document my cycling over the next year or so.  I have enjoyed writing and posting on friends/teams blogs, but want to be able to post arbitrary photos during a group ride or the random sights along my commute.

As for riding, its been mostly road with a newfound interest of cyclocross.  Id consider myself a commuter who got talked into racing on the weekends.  My commute spans north of center city Philadelphia out west past the city into the suburbs.  Its such a diverse ride through the urban city into suburbia and I love it.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I hope to document it here along with some local Philadelphia events, the gear I’m running, and random city occurrences. We’ll see how it goes.